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Whether you’re a flaming homosexual or just a bit curious, I think we can all enjoy a good gay blowjob cam. I know when I was first starting out on my journey into my sexuality I was a bit squeamish about the whole anal thing. I had dated women before but never been with a man. I was attracted to men, sure, but I had never put anything in my ass before. I sure did love a blowjob though. 

When girls would go down on me, I would close my eyes and think about all of the men I would fantasize about. It wasn’t long before I started to fantasize about what it would be like to take them into my own mouth. I thought about how it would feel to wrap my mouth around a throbbing cock. I wondered what it would taste like as their precum dripped onto my tongue. And of course, I thought about them exploding ropes of jizz down my throat. 

Now, I like to watch live cam shows with horny young men just beginning to explore their budding sexuality. It takes me back to a more innocent time for me, and it’s so fucking hot.

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